Welcome to Tribute Month!

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Welcome to Tribute Month! This month is all about sharing the spotlight and saying who inspires our sewing. This doesn’t just mean copying something or someone exactly (though you can if you want!) but thinking about other sewcialists that plant a little seed of an idea in your head. For example, I have a make awaiting good photos that were inspired by another blogger but the finished garment I made is SO different from her wardrobe; I don’t think the blogger I was inspired by would be seen dead in my make, but hopefully she would appreciate the process I took from her!

So who will you be paying tribute to? Here are some bloggers that have inspired me recently:

  • Stephanie of Starcross has made this amazing fox-shirt – have you seen the awesome pattern matching? Pattern matching is something I find tricky, but she has done a great job on those tricky pieces. And who says fun animal prints are for kids? Mr Starcross looked like he loved this shirt so maybe it will inspire you to wear crazier prints.
  •  Beth from 110 Creations has made a colour-blocked top that looks really effective.  I’m inspired to make a similar top using up my small scraps…
  • Anne from Pretty Grievances has made a beautiful sun dress in a great summery colour and I especially like the way she has mixed fabrics. I always make dresses from a  single fabric but this looks so nice with the contrast bodice I may have to play around with matching fabrics myself.
  • Another dress that plays with layers is the prom dress that Janene from Ooobop made for Nikita. The mesh overlay looks totally different as it is pleated and gathered. The red dress would probably look “nice” on its own, but the way the black dot mesh falls at the waist makes it “wow!” Maybe you can bring new life to something in your stash with a fun overlay?
  • Katie from Kadiddlehopper has made the most adorable kitty dress for Myra! It has a cute kitty face and paw pockets!! I really want to be inspired by this, but am struggling to work out how an adult can pull off paw-shaped pockets… maybe it might be a feature to add to snuggly pjs! Ooooh, fleece animal pjs for winter!
  • Finally there is Gillian of  Crafting A Rainbow (and awesome sewcialist of course!) who knows what she wears and sews lots of them. Maybe you’ll be inspired by her to sew what you know works for you!

Let us know who has inspired you! I am really looking forward to discovering lots of new-to-me blogs this month. You can tweet or instagram using #tributeaugust and post pictures in the Sewcialists Flickr group! 


August tribute month

Hi there Sewcialists! A quick post today to introduce the August theme. You have probably guessed it due to the title of this post: it’s tribute month! And it will be hosted by Alison and me, Inge.


So, let’s talk a little about the inspiration for this months theme. A while ago, there was Sew Dolly Clackett. And of course this month there is Oonapalooza. Oona wrote a great post about how flattered she was but how it also felt a bit awkward. And that we all should share a bit of the spotlight. So, this month we all get to put someone we feel deserves this in the spotlight!


How exactly does it work? Quite easy: pick a blogger that inspires you and create something that’s inspired by that person! It could be their style, or a particular skill, anything! And while you’re at it you can tweet about it using #tributeaugust. And if you want to you can also put this on your blog:


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So while you plan and create, Alison and I will entertain you with posts about our own inspirations, there will be some guest posting and ofcourse the roundup posts. We hope you’ll enjoy this theme and working out what you want to make. And don’t forget to post your finished object(s) in the Sewcialists Flickr group! 




#Oonapalooza! Projects: Round-up Number 2

Hi Sewcialists, Charlotte from www.englishgirlathome.com on blogging duties today, following Gillian’s call to arms last week.
I know that Oona/Marcy inspires ALL of us and I’m sharing some Oonapalooza! makes from the Flickr group today that prove it. Don’t forget that the deadline to post your images is 01st August. Tag/label your pics with #Oonapalooza! and make sure to allow sharing so we can post them here for all to see.
oona p 4
Angela not only shared her dress – she paired it with a cocktail recipe! If that’s not 100% Oonapalooza! I don’t know what is.

Oonapalooza Bombshell
Kelly from http://www.cutcutsew.com made a stunning multi-coloured Oonapalooza! Bombshell swimsuit.

Debbie from lilysageandco.blogspot.com submitted her third Oonapalooza! make to the group (!), cotton voile wrap pants.

Sharon from http://sewingdiet.blogspot.ca/ made a glamorous maxi dress in a funky butterfly print.

Capital Chic Manhattan in metallic lurex
Stylish Dress Book - Clothing for Everday Wear in Nani Iro double gauze
Amy from http://sewamysew.com/ made a dress in an orange Nani Iro double gauze & paired it with purple tights (oh yes), plus Capital Chic’s Manhattan in a gold metallic lurex.

Oonapalooza wrap dress!
Jenny from http://cashmerette.blogspot.co.uk made a Cashmerette X Oona wrap dress & got some awesome alleyway photography.

nettiebodysuit oonapalooza
Rachel from http://houseofpinheiro.blogspot.co.uk/ made a beautiful colourful combo. Do I spy another Nettie:)?

Tanzania Skirt Oonapalooza
Lauren from http://www.ladysewalot.blogspot.co.uk made an adorable skirt with fabric from Tanzania.

Inge from http://ingemaakt.com/ made a sexy bright floral pencil skirt.

Shiny jeans!
Becky from http://sew-and-so.blogspot.co.uk/ made SELF-DRAFTED shiny skinny jeans (plus they have a suns and stars print on the inside).

Penny from http://pennylibrarian.wordpress.com/ used a multicolour mosaic print, and she made some good poses in it too.

Gemma from http://silkpinsandstrawberries.wordpress.com/ made a gorgeous floral dress.

Anneke from http://www.annettetirette.com made a self-drafted dress in rayon challis and stretch lace. Love that pose (and that location too).

Zig Zag 6
Deborah from http://dfabricate.blogspot.co.uk made an adorable purple zigzag Cami dress.

Oonapalooza comox trunks back
Oh and Oonapalooza isn’t just for women, oh no. Anja made her husband a pair of comox trunks!
P.S. if your picture isn’t here then it was probably set as unavailable for sharing.


Sewcialists, you are the best!

Wow, guys. I’m blown away at the response to my post this afternoon! Thank you SO much to all the people who stepped up and offered to help. (And of course, more help is always welcome!)

Through a flurry of tweets, comments and emails, we now have the following sewalongs to look forward to!

  • August: Make something based on a blogger that inspires you! (Hosted by Inge from IngeMaakt and Alison from Another Little Crafty Creation!)
  • September: Scraptember! Turn your scraps into something eco-friendly and wearably awesome! (Hosted by Morgan from Crab and Bee!)
  • October: Grease! Inspired by the classic movie. (Hosted by Claire from Sew, Incidentally and Jo from Sew Little Time!)
  • November: Sew costumes or everyday clothes inspired by Disney and Pixar! (Hosted by Becky from Sew and So and Katie from KatieKadiddlehopper!)
  • December: Take a break – nothing on this month. 
  • January: Polka Dots! Everyone needs polkadots, right? (Hosted by Marrie from Purls and Pleats!)

There’s also talk of a costuming/cosplay challenge in the winter or early spring… would anyone like to help Lady K out with that?

On top of that, several people have offered to help with posts and roundups, including Eileen from Crafty Little Secret, Nisha from Blue Sunday Blog, and Charlotte from English Girl at Home. (Gosh, I hope I didn’t miss thanking anyone there! Let me know if I did!)

I really can’t explain how much it means to me that people want to take on the challenge of writing posts and running challenges – except to say that this morning I was thinking of giving up on the blog, and now we’ve got 6 months of awesomeness lined up! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sewcialists, you are the best! If anyone else feels inspired to write a post, start a series of posts about something, or run a theme, just leave a comment below or email me at crafting.a.rainbow.blog@gmail.com . There is always room for more awesome!


Want to write for the Sewcialists?


I’m looking for people to write the next round up posts for #Oonapalooza!  Anyone interested? It’s easy – you tell me your email, and I’ll invite you to be an editor on the blog. (I can even help you import all the pictures to a blog post, if you aren’t familiar with WordPress.)

This blog was always meant to be a team effort, with lots of diverse voices from around the blogosphere: a central location we could talk about sewalongs and challenges.! Since the blog started in November, we’ve done, Red October, the Grunge Sewalong, Green December, Blue February, Shieldmaiden March, Pink April, and Oonapalooza!  We’ve got almost 200 members in the Flickr pool, and over 700 pictures… Wow!

Along the way, posts have been written by:

I know we’re all busy with our own lives and our own blogs, but if you enjoy theme months then I hope you step up and join in! (Wow, did that sounds like a PBS promo?) I’m heading into a busy year at school this September, and I just won’t be able to do it on my own. If you’d like to run a monthly theme, I’d be happy to help! We’ve talked about sewing yellow, orange, or purple to continue our colour challenge, or doing stripes, dots or metallics. It could also be a  costume theme (getting ready for Hallowe’en?), or really, whatever floats your boat! One great things about the Sewcialists as a community is that we never say no to any idea.

If you’d be interested in writing an #Oonapalooza wrap-up, or organizing a themed month for August, September, or October, please let me know in the comments!


More Oona-insight, from Wanett at Sown Brooklyn!

Today is the third and last of my get-to-know-Oona interviews with NYC bloggers. Today we’ve got the seriously kind-hearted, creative and passionate Wanett from Sown Brooklyn. I love following her Instagram feed, because it’s a constant stream of art, social critique, awesome family art projects, killer daily fashion and of course, sewing! Clearly I’m not her only admirer, because Heather Lou from Closet Case Files named her Nettie body suit after Wanett!
(Wanett, on a Mood shopping adventure with Oona and others…) 
Here’s what Wanett has to say about Oona:
Oona in three words: delightful, kind, colorful.
Classic Oona: Oona’s style is all about print, pattern, color and textures. In large doses and in as many combos as possible in the one outfit ;o) In my mind, she is so connected with those elements of style that I instantly think of her when I see certain looks. Usually, it’s how she would rock it with more flair than the current representative. Despite knowing her well and appreciating her unique sense of style, her combos still surprise me. Fabric shopping with her is never, ever dull.
Borrow from Oona: This one is tough! Because she has made some seriously, amazing and awesome stuff! Choosing just one isn’t the only hard part, imagining anyone but her in her makes is near impossible. If forced, if pushed, if cajooled into choosing one thing…this her By Hand London maxi length Victoria coat.  oonaballoona: seen through the eyes of iris….Majorly stunning!! So much so, I’m inspired to use cuss to adequately express my admiration (and I would, if I were posting on my blog ;D)!
Thanks Wanett! 
On a side note, I want to say how important I think it is that the sewing community is celebrating itself and each other with things like the Nettie Bodysuit, or  the Sew Dolly Clackett challenge for Rosin’s wedding this spring. We ARE awesome, both as a team and individuals, and I dream of our community being confident and caring enough that we can celebrate inspiring individuals without making anyone feel lesser in comparison. I want us to be brave enough to say “Yes, I AM good at that!” and “Yes, I AM particularly talented at something!”  I really admire Wanette, Roisin, and Oona for letting the community celebrate them, and for supporting people who are taking joy in their inspiration. That’s not easy to do, but it gives the rest of us an chance to experiment and helps build the community stronger. So thank you, awesome people, for being awesome. Whether or not we have a month or a pattern named after us or not, we are awesome, unique, talented and important. Let’s celebrate that together.

A little (more) Oona insight… from Jennifer of the Workroom Social!

The other day Oona posted about how the praise-fest of Oonapalooza was giving her some twinges of guilt that compliments for her meant less compliments for other. But fear not! There is more than enough love to go around for everyone who is part of this awesome community. My hope is that we’ll continue celebrating the talents and skills of many different sewists, through rounds up, interviews like these, guest posts (Please lemme know ANYTIME you want to write something!)  theme challenges and so on. 


Next up in our get-to-know-Oona series, I found out a little more from Jennifer of the Workroom Social!

Jennifer runs the Workroom Social sewing studio in Brooklyn, and man oh man I wish I could go take a class there!  After google chatting with Jennifer recently, I can promise that she is just as friendly, funny and sweet as she seems online. Read her post on the joys of the sewing community, and I’m sure you’ll agree! I’ve been envying her floral Kate and Laney Tap shorts  since she posted about them – but I’m still waiting to see her Fat Quarter Challenge from Oona final project revealed! 

(Here they are together at jennifer’s Sewing Swap Meet & Party this spring!) 

1. How would you describe Oona in 3 words?

Warm, kind, and fun.

2. What style elements make something classically Oonaish?
Bold color, bold print, and great fit.
3. If you could borrow something from Oona’s closet for a day, what would you choose?
These wrap pants! http://www.oonaballoona.com/2014/05/put-her-in-pumpkin-shell.html I love everything about them. I think we might be of a similar size too…
Thanks for your answer, Jennifer… and watch out, Oona! Sounds like Jennifer might be coming for your wrap pants!
*Pictures courtesy of Oona and Jennifer’s blogs. Jennifer’s party pics were taken by Esvy Photography.