Bra and Knicker Sewing Inspiration!

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There are so many bloggers making great lingerie these days! If you are looking for inspiration, here are some of my favourites to check out.

  • OhhhLulu sells handmade lingerie and PDF patterns – plus she’s from a small town just an hour and a half from me!
  • Emerald Erin is also from Southern Ontario – she’s been sewing a bra a week since the winter, and every single one is gorgeous!
  • You can also see some of Erin’s sewing on the Bra Maker’s Supply blog, and get tips and tricks from Beverly Johnson – or take one of Beverly’s two Craftsy courses about bramaking!
  • Andie from Sew Pretty in Pink and Leah from Is It Really Sew Strange both took the bra-making course at Bra Maker’s Supply, and now they make fabulous bras. Particularly inspiring if you have a large bust!
  • One Two more Canadian links: Tasia from Sewaholic and Heather from Closet Case Files have blogged some great bras this year!
  • On the other side of the world, Novita (Very Purple Person) has a whole range of posts on finished bras, pattern reviews and tutorials.
  • Madalynne and Handmade by Carolyn make lovely delicate things…
  • Anne, the Clothing Engineer, is amazingly detail-oriented, and gives great reviews of the bra-making kits she buys online.
  • Cloth Habit and Orange Lingerie sell patterns and are fabulous sources of professional knowledge!

In the comments, please share your own inspiration – other bloggers, RTW, or pinterest boards! 


July is Lingerie Month!

Lingerie Sewing Month Logo

I’m so excited for Lingerie month to begin! We’ve got some great guest posts lined up, including pattern reviews, techniques and tricks, and expert advice.

You can join in by sewing bras, underwear, corsets, robes, slips or pjs! Any pattern goes – just grab the graphic above if you do a blog post and make sure you upload your pics to our Flickr group. (No modeled pics requires – only if you want, you sexy lady!) When you upload pics to the Flickr group, please mention in the picture title or description that they are for the Lingerie theme – that will make my life much easier when it comes to doing the round up at the end of the month.

If you’ve got any questions about lingerie sewing, feel free to ask in the comments! I’m no expert, but I’m sure some talented sewcialist will be able to help you out. What have you always wanted to know about lingerie sewing?


July is Lingerie Sewing Month!

Lingerie Sewing Month Logo
It’s official! This July is going to be Lingerie Sewing Month here on the Sewcialist website. As always, it’s a theme, not a specific sew-along… so if you sew yourself any bras, underwear, slips, corsets, robes or PJs in July you can upload pics into our Flickr group to be included in the round up. (Don’t worry, they don’t have to be modeled pics!) We’ve had a couple great offers to guest post – Thanks ladies! If you are interested in writing a pattern review, tutorial, resource post or anything else, just let me know in the comments.

Things will kick off officially at the start of July, but I wanted to give you a chance to track down materials in advance. Unless you already sew a lot of lingerie, you might not have the right fabrics and trims in your stash!

As for me, I’ve signed up for a two-day custom bra sewing course at Bra Maker’s Supply which happens to be located just an hour away! The owner teaches the two Craftsy bra making courses, so I feel like I’ll be in good hands (literally?) I can’t wait to learn some new skills! (If you are looking for a place to start, Bra Maker’s Supply sells patterns, kits, fabrics and notions online, and is well-known and respected… and the Craftsy classes look interesting too!) I’d like to try sewing a Watson bra or two first, but we’ll see. On the boring-but-useful side, I’ve got plans for a slip and a few pairs of leggings shorts to wear under dresses.

What patterns or projects might you sew for Lingerie Sewing Month?


Hello, want to sew bras? (And other undergarments?)

Hi Sewcialists! I’ve fallen horribly behind on organising things over here on the Sewcialist blog, but nothing is more boring than reading excuses, so I’ll stop there.

How would you feel about an “Underneath It All” sewing theme for July? Bras, knickers, slips, even corsets or pyjamas!  No strict rules or particular sewalong, just a friendly push to try something new and/or refresh your lingerie drawer.

If you’d be interesting in writing a guest post, let me know in the comments! Could be:

  • a pattern review
  • a tutorial
  • a resource round-up
  • where to buy materials online
  • inspiration post
  • or whatever you fancy!

Does that sound fun?


#SewSolidarity with Garment Workers

#sewsolidarity logo

On April 24th it will be two years since the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh.

At least 1,133 garment workers were killed, and over 2,500 injured in the collapse. Many of the brands linked to Rana Plaza have failed to contribute at all / sufficiently to the compensation fund set up to support victims and their families, meaning the fund is still $9 million short of the amount required to provide adequate compensation.

Fashion reuse charity TRAID are asking sewists to take part in a #SewSolidarity challenge, to show solidarity with garment workers, and keep attention on Rana Plaza and the ongoing fight for adequate compensation, by refashioning a garment, giving it longer life, and showing solidarity with the garment workers who created it.

How to Take Part

  • Source a piece of clothing (from your wardrobe, a charity shop, or a friend) that was made in Bangladesh, or by a brand who was having clothing manufactured at Rana Plaza, or by a brand which manufactures in Bangladesh. The Clean Clothes Campaign has information on brands who were involved with Rana Plaza, including those who have failed to make adequate (or any) contribution to the compensation fund.
  • Refashion the clothing, and post your progress and the finished refashion online using the tag #SewSolidarity on, or in the lead up to, the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse on April 24 2015.

You may also want to challenge the brand who produced the original clothing item to pay into the Rana Plaza compensation fund / ask them about working conditions and safety in their factories (particularly, if using a clothing item by one of the companies who has, so far, failed to pay adequate compensation).

More information is available on my blog, and in TRAID’s blog post about the challenge, which includes a list of further resources.


If you’re not familiar with TRAID, the charity setting the challenge, their work is very pertinent to sewists, and is focused on reducing the negative impacts of textiles and the fashion industry on the environment and people’s lives.

TRAID do this by selling donated clothing, and garments produced from donated textiles, and investing the funds in global projects designed to improve conditions and working practices in the textile industry.

TRAID are a UK charity but their work is global, and I hope sewists worldwide will get involved.


Polka Dot Round Up

Well it’s the end of January (where did the month go!?) and so it’s time for a polka dot round up!

Ready to see spots?  Here we go . . .

Crazy Polka Dots Dress - Make It Nifty
A colorful dress from Vanessa

Polka dot sleeveless Jasmine blouse
A pretty Jasmine blouse by Caroline

January Theme - Simplicity 1364
Tasha’s spotted Simplicity 1364

A fun take on polka dots by Raphaelle

Red Knits_Polka Dot Maritime Shorts
Cheryl’s cool dotted Maritime shorts.

Nautical M6696
A great polka dot nautical shirt dress by Andie.

My dress.

Polka Dot Comino Cap
And Gillian‘s cute spotty Comino Cap tee.

There were a couple of pictures that Flickr wouldn’t let me access to post here, so click over to see aem2’s pretty red top, and Rachel’s comfy blue top.  To see all the polka dot action, go check out the Flickr group!  :)

Thank you to everyone for sharing your creations!  It’s been fun seeing polka dots pop up all month!



Season 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee kicks of tonight, here are the sewcialists who are participating

The third season of the Great British Sewing Bee (GBSB) kicks off tonight at eight (well, kind of). Whether televised sew-offs are exactly your thing, or you merely enjoy people frantically trying to keep their shit together under a load of stress and cameras, you’re good either way.

The series brings the same trusted recipe. A bunch of sewing challenges that you really should have more time for, a jury that includes dreamboat Patrick Grant who will be showing off his new swanky moustache (and his nice suits obviously), and last but not least, a bunch of amateur sewing peeps who will battle it out for eternal fame and glory.

There’s 10 contestants on the show, and we’re excited that five of them are part of the Sewcialists community. Four of those are even featured on the Sewcialists firehose.

If you’re looking for a favourite in this year’s GBSB, here are the candidates who are part of the Sewcialists family:

Alex from London

Alex is the one you can see ripping apart some poor fabric in the official trailer, and overall looks like she is not to be messed with. Don’t worry though, I know Alex and she’s super nice. On top of that, she was the first one to sign up for the firehose, and I secretly suspect her from putting the other ones up to it. (Obviously, that is a good thing)

Want to find out more about Alex? She tweets as @Sewrendipity, blogs at and has her profile as Sewrendipitous Alex on the firehose.

Deborah from Manchester

Deborah takes the crown for best screengrab from the trailer. Nothing really captures the frantic effort of the contestants as that shot of her where she seems to be ready to take a bite out of Patrick Grant (who can blame her). Don’t let those fangs fool you though, she is lovely.

But don’t take my worth for it, find out yourself: Deborah tweets as @DFabricate and blogs at She’s on Pinterest, Google Plus and Flickr too, all that info and more via DFabricater on the firehose.

Neela from Surrey

Neela is on a mission. As a matter of fact, she puts the mission in “planning permission for an extension to the house“, just so she can have more space for sewing machines. Yes, you read that correctly, this lady is serious about her sewing. And she scores extra points for proudly displaying the Sewcialists logo on her blog, custom colours and all!

Neela’s blogs at and she’s on Twitter as @Sew_Neela_Bakes. For more info about Neela, including a link to her Facebook page, head over to neela on the firehose.

Matt from Berkshire

Did I mention that there are 4 male participants in this season of the GBSB (Yay for more men sewing!). Matt is the kind of guy who is just as comfortable with a sewing machine as with a bunch of power tools. He gets teased by his buddies for his sewing hobby, so it’s a bold move for him to thrust himself on the GBSB scene like this.

Matt blogs at and tweets as @sewwhatsnewcouk. For these and more links, including his Pinterest account, check out Matt Chapple on the firehose.

Paul from Cheshire

Paul had me at “men aren’t well represented in the sewing world“. Amen brother. With 30 years of sewing experience, and a self-proclaimed frustration at the monotony of men’s clothing, my expectations are high.

Paul does not (yet) blog about his sewing escapades, but his Twitter handle is @SewingMan4Men, so you he’s legit Sewcialist material.

Wait there’s more

I’ve only highlighted some of the candidates who are already part of the Sewcialists community. The others are obviously also a lovely bunch, and might very well be Sewcialists without me knowing it.

Best way to discover them all is to tune in to the series. Tonight will be a recap of season two, so you’ll have to wait until next week to see the fresh faces.

In the meanwhile, there is The Great British Sewing Bee: Series 3 Launch Trailer to watch, the official BBC page of the program, and there’s a post over at with more info on the different candidates. On social media, #GBSB is the hashtag to look for.

This is going to be fun :)

Update: Amanda from Darlington

Shortly after publishing this article, Amanda joined our ranks, so I wanted to make sure I included her in our little overview.

Amanda likes patterns and mathematics, and wants to teach children to sew. So obviously I already like her.

Amanda’s blog lives at a she tweets as @SewDeputy. All this and more info is also available here: Amanda at the firehose