Hwæt! A Shieldmaiden Sewalong this March!

Shieldmaiden Hwaet

Hey Sewcialists! This March we’re going to be sewing Viking, fantasy, and medieval   clothes!

Everything is welcome, from authentic historical to modern interpretation to costumes-made-of-bedsheets. Consider this your perfect excuse to copy fashion from Lord of the Ring or The Hobbit, sew an early Halloween costume, or get ready for a reinactment… or maybe Viking-inspired office wear! Sew for yourself or someone else – It’s all good. Sarah started a shared Pinterest board and we’ve got heaps of inspiration pics, so go take a look and start dreaming.

How did all this come about? Well, blame Twitter again! Lady K suggested Katie try a Viking-style braid, and pretty soon we had a sewalong planned!

Just for fun, we have a few variants on the “logo” for the sewalong… you can use one of the ones below, or add your own text to the one with the blank word bubble!
Shieldmaiden Hwaet

Shieldmaiden Freyja
Shieldmaiden Ungentle
Shieldmaiden Logo

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