Check out #SewBlueFebruary in the Flickr group!

Hi Sewcialists!

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and can’t tackle the end-of-month roundup for Sew Blue February… So after feeling guilty about it for a week, I’m just going to be practical and send you over to look at the Flickr group instead! There are loads of beautiful projects there. (In fact, it does make me wonder if doing monthly roundup posts is worthwhile, or should we always just redirect to the Flickr pool?)

Shieldmaiden Freyja


This month is #shieldmaidenmarch! We’re going to be sewing Viking, fantasy, and medieval clothes. Everything is welcome, from authentic historical to modern interpretation or costumes-made-of-bedsheets!

After that comes #PinkApril, I think… and then #MeMadeMay run by So ‘Zo!


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