It’s Oonapalooza Time!


This July, we’re getting inspired by one of our own: the powerhouse of print and colour that is Oona Balloona from Kalkatroona! If you read Oona’s blog (and I assume you do!), you’ll know that the clothes she makes are as loud, bubbly, and one-of-a-kind as her personality. Summer seems like the perfect time to add a little of that spirit into our own wardrobes!

Oh course, it all started on Twitter. (Doesn’t it always?) One minute we were discussing if we should continue the colour-of-the-month challenges through the summer, and next time you know, the brilliant Lady Katza (aka. Elizabeth aka. shouted out “What about Oonapalooza?!?”

Here’s the goal: Oona is known for her bold use of colours and prints, saucy silhouettes, and sense of exuberance. So make anything you want – but let it be loud and joyous, either in terms of colour, shape, or improvisation! 

Myself, I’m going to imagine that Oona is the voice urging me to more adventurous as I sew. “Hmmm… I wonder if I could just change this neckline a bit…” Yesssss. “Should I put a thigh-high slit in?” Yesssss. “These two prints are both kinda crazy – Should I combine them?” YESSSSS! (Does that make Oona the good angel on my shoulder, the wee devil, or both?)

If you make anything with a twist of Oona during the month of July, upload pics to the Sewcialist Flickr group – and maybe, just maybe, there will be a prize to win courtesy of Oona herself! If you blog about Oonapalooza, be sure to grab the graphic above from the Flickr pool, or use the hashtag #oonapalooza on IG or Twitter!

So, do you have any fabric in your stash that is just begging to be Oonafied? 


47 thoughts on “It’s Oonapalooza Time!

  1. Cool! I’m In! I bought some really bold swinwear lycra! Hopefully I’ll find time soo to go and pick it up at the post office. Hmmm, and does tardis fabric count as bould? It’s almost time for series 8 so I need a tardis dress!! So many option! btw, does bold clothes for my boyfriend count? I’m making him a bold shirt, and maybe if there is some fabric left I’ll be making me a skirt out of it. Oh way too many options!

    • gilliancrafts says:

      Wow, you have SO many options!!! They all sound great. Mens wear, swim wear, nerd wear… it’s all good! I’d say start anywhere you want, and see how much you get done! 🙂 Sounds FUN!

  2. One of my most recent makes, Orla Madison 9, was definitely Oonafied. Even though I didn’t know about the challenge until now, I definitely had Marce on the mind when making it (as I always do). May I join? Oh pretty please, may I join??!!?!? This is a fabulous challenge!

    On a side note – isn’t Twitter aweful and amazing at the same time. I can get you into so much trouble, or lead you to amazing places. Best part, you never know which way it’s going to go!

    • gilliancrafts says:

      Sure, throw it in the mix! I messed up the start date on the graphic (My brain said July but my fingers said June!) but we’re not picky about rules! Oonapalooza demands FUN!
      And yes – Twitter IS amazing! That where the word “sewcialist” started, which lead to this communal blog! Pretty much every fun challenge or idea in the sewing community seems to start on twitter. It’s where magic happens! (Or, you know, where I make promises like I”ll wear my Oona dress to a meetup on the 19th! Better get sewing!)

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  4. Oooo I love Oona and I don’t have a problem with bold colors myself. I’m currently finishing up a ridiculously green top and I have some outrageous orange batik in my stash.

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