A little (more) Oona insight… from Jennifer of the Workroom Social!

The other day Oona posted about how the praise-fest of Oonapalooza was giving her some twinges of guilt that compliments for her meant less compliments for other. But fear not! There is more than enough love to go around for everyone who is part of this awesome community. My hope is that we’ll continue celebrating the talents and skills of many different sewists, through rounds up, interviews like these, guest posts (Please lemme know ANYTIME you want to write something!)  theme challenges and so on. 


Next up in our get-to-know-Oona series, I found out a little more from Jennifer of the Workroom Social!

Jennifer runs the Workroom Social sewing studio in Brooklyn, and man oh man I wish I could go take a class there!  After google chatting with Jennifer recently, I can promise that she is just as friendly, funny and sweet as she seems online. Read her post on the joys of the sewing community, and I’m sure you’ll agree! I’ve been envying her floral Kate and Laney Tap shorts  since she posted about them – but I’m still waiting to see her Fat Quarter Challenge from Oona final project revealed! 

(Here they are together at jennifer’s Sewing Swap Meet & Party this spring!) 

1. How would you describe Oona in 3 words?

Warm, kind, and fun.

2. What style elements make something classically Oonaish?
Bold color, bold print, and great fit.
3. If you could borrow something from Oona’s closet for a day, what would you choose?
These wrap pants! http://www.oonaballoona.com/2014/05/put-her-in-pumpkin-shell.html I love everything about them. I think we might be of a similar size too…
Thanks for your answer, Jennifer… and watch out, Oona! Sounds like Jennifer might be coming for your wrap pants!
*Pictures courtesy of Oona and Jennifer’s blogs. Jennifer’s party pics were taken by Esvy Photography.

4 thoughts on “A little (more) Oona insight… from Jennifer of the Workroom Social!

    1. It’s been interesting, eh? It never crossed my mind that celebrating what one person does could be so, well, controversial! I don’t know whether to let it affect what challenges we do in the future, or just assume that people will learn to deal with their demons and we should keep going!

    1. Great Scott is known for his good fit… 😛 (I wish there was a blogger called Great Scott! That would rock my world…)

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