August tribute month

Hi there Sewcialists! A quick post today to introduce the August theme. You have probably guessed it due to the title of this post: it’s tribute month! And it will be hosted by Alison and me, Inge.


So, let’s talk a little about the inspiration for this months theme. A while ago, there was Sew Dolly Clackett. And of course this month there is Oonapalooza. Oona wrote a great post about how flattered she was but how it also felt a bit awkward. And that we all should share a bit of the spotlight. So, this month we all get to put someone we feel deserves this in the spotlight!


How exactly does it work? Quite easy: pick a blogger that inspires you and create something that’s inspired by that person! It could be their style, or a particular skill, anything! And while you’re at it you can tweet about it using #tributeaugust. And if you want to you can also put this on your blog:


blog button


So while you plan and create, Alison and I will entertain you with posts about our own inspirations, there will be some guest posting and ofcourse the roundup posts. We hope you’ll enjoy this theme and working out what you want to make. And don’t forget to post your finished object(s) in the Sewcialists Flickr group! 



10 thoughts on “August tribute month

  1. I’m so excited about this month! I had arranged with Alessa back in the fall to do outfits inspired by each other, but the fabric I ordered online was too light for what I chose… but now I know it’s going to make a great Comino Cap dress!

  2. I really hope I have time to work this one in–I’m finally starting to see a light at the end of the DragonCon prep tunnel, so if I work fast, I can probably squeeze some “real” clothes in again!

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