Grease Is The Word Inspiration – The Bad Girls!

Hi Sewcialists!

Did you see Rachel’s great post on Grease good Girl sewing inspiration?  If not, you can read it here.  I love it!  I was 100% decided on a bad girl inspired look but she’s swaying me to the land of circle skirts and peter pan collars!

In my opinion, all the best clothes in Grease are worn by the Bad Girls – who doesn’t love Rizzo and Marty in a pencil skirt?  And Frenchie with the pink hair?  Jan maybe not so much!

The essential make is the Pink Ladies jacket.  It’s a simple collared jacket with a zip in the front.

It’s suprisingly hard to find a pattern match for this – maybe as the winter patterns have hit so everything has switched to coats (sorry, southern hemisphere!)

How about Butterick 5683, Kwik Sew 3890?  Or if you prefer an indie pattern, the Papercut Rigel bomber (very Grease 2!)?

jacket collage

I didn’t know until I was researching this post that the Pink Ladies had certain colour palettes – Frenchie always wore spring colours, Marty wore more blues and greens, Rizzo wore bright colours and lots of black and Jan, well, I’m not entirely sure – brown tartan?

The bad girls wore much more grown up clothes that definitely harked more towards the sleeker lines of the 60s rather than the full skirts of the 50s.  For me the styles that stand out are the capri pants and pencil skirts.  Here’s some ideas of patterns you might use:

capris inspiration

pencil skirt inspiration

And no round up of Grease bad girls would be complete without Bad Sandy:

sandy inspiration

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas for your bad girl look.  Have you decided what you are making yet?  I’m leaning towards this look of Rizzo’s personally!

rizzo in black

9 thoughts on “Grease Is The Word Inspiration – The Bad Girls!

  1. Great inspiration! I’ve been having trouble deciding how Grease overlaps with my own personal style … but these are some great suggestions! Thanks!

  2. Rizzo’s outfits were the best, and I think the one you’re leaning toward is my favorite… possible tie w bad Sandy. 😉 Great inspiration here! Thanks for the fun post.

  3. Most definitely the Pink Ladies were the most stylish and fabulous thing about Grease!! I adore Rizzo and thought I was a Rizzo, but I’m a Frenchie whose style gravitates somewhere between Marty & Principal McGee. 😉 but if I am going to be a pink lady I’d have to go Marty come slumber party time! I LOVE my curlers and am a sucker for a scented letter!

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