Lingerie Month Round-Up!

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Wow, what a great month of guest posts and sewing! A big thanks to everyone who took part!  In case you missed anything, here are links to each post:

And now for my favourite part – the amazing lingerie and pjs that you sewed up this month!

Self Drafted Corset

This AH-MAZING corset is a WIP from Mother of Reinvention!

Coral Alice Tap PantsCoral Marlborough

Maddy isn’t shy with colour, and she makes the cutest things!

Wicked Lingerie Set

Blam! I told you Maddy isn’t shy with colour!

Lace and floral undies   So Zo undies with lace waistband

Carolyn made some panties that look as good as RTW – but with a fun floral gusset!

New robe for my mom's 60th-birthday. Pattern from the book

Chrichrimano made a lovely robe for her mom.

Floral Fifi

Meg made adorable floral Fiji pyjamas as a gift. Lucky friend!

Pin Up Girls Classic Bra #1 and #2!

I took a bra-sewing class, and made my first two bras! Still haven’t started on #3 though…


Duckndam chose beautiful summery colours for her bra and panty set. What a shame the bra didn’t quite fit right!


She did manage some comfy looking underwear though!


Caroline made this white satin Victorian underbust corset. So pretty!

lace robe open

Elizabeth made (and blogged a tutorial) for this beautiful lace robe.

Pajama Party!

I am so in love with the pajama party that Noelle and her mom sewed. Four pairs EACH! Go look at the all! The family that sews together, stays together, ammiright?

Sailor Mercury Bra!

Finally, Andie made a gorgeous green and white bra inspired by Sailor Mercury!

Thanks again to everyone who posted, sewed, or just read along. I hope you enjoyed this month’s Lingerie theme! I think we might do our next theme month in October – I’m thinking one challenge a season?

In the comments, I’d love to hear what theme you think we should try next, and what you learned this month about lingerie! 

9 thoughts on “Lingerie Month Round-Up!

  1. Hi Gillian, Thanks for including my corset in your round-up. I am really touched by your generous comment and glad that you like it. I have really enjoyed this month’s theme and found all the blog posts incredibly useful. People have made such gorgeous lingerie and all the bras! I think that they look so hard to master and am in awe of all your skills. Xx

    1. Thank YOU for being part of the community! I really enjoyed this month’s theme too, and thought all the guest-posters did a wonderful job!!!!

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