The Sewcialists are back, baby!

SewcialistsIt’s been two years since the Sewcialists blog was active… but we’re back in action! 

And by “we”, I mean me, Gillian, and YOU. I blog about my personal sewing at, but my goal here is to facilitate a space where anyone can contribute, regardless of experience, age, size, or background.

The Sewcialists blog has always been a group blog representing diverse voices. Since the blog launched in 2013, we’ve had 25 different authors and counting!

The focus of the Sewcialist blog is theme months – the sillier, the better! There are already lots of well-structured, practical and reflective sewing challenges out there, but our challenges aim to be fun, open-ended, and easy to join in. We’ve already hosted 12 different theme months challenges, including Oonapalooza, Scraptember, Red October, and Lingerie Month. We’ve sewn Viking clothes and Disney-inspired everyday wear, and a Tribute Month where we got inspired by our favourite Sewcialists’ style!

Moving forward, the goal will be to host 4 theme months per year. The next theme month will be announced soon, so follow us here and on Instagram to stay tuned!

In the mean time, I’d love to know: Do you remember any of the old theme month challenges? Which was your favourite, and did you ever contribute a post?


33 thoughts on “The Sewcialists are back, baby!

  1. I’m a little partial to the Disney one, since I hosted and I love everyday costumes. But I’m excited that this is active again, and I hope the boys let me participate from time to time!

    1. Hurray! I like to make it easy for people to join in, so most of the themes will be just general enough that you can adapt an existing plan or project and make it fit! I think when rules are too strict, then it starts to feel competitive or stressful, and that’s never the goal! 😉

  2. Glad to see the Sewcialists back and in action again! Now that I have a modern phone maybe I can follow along with all the Instagram stuff too – what a thought 😉

  3. Excited this is back up! Hopefully I’ll scrape together enough sanity to participate! I love group stuff but it can be hard to muster the attention these days. 😂

    1. YES! Good digging. I’ll do an official announcement post, but I figured hey, if anyone notices, they can just get a head start! 😉

  4. I remember watching the Oonapalooza Challenge in awe! So glad to see the Sewcialists resurrected. Sewing should be fun as well as functional. I hope to be able to participate at least once.

    1. I hope you’ll join us this time! The challenges are usually pretty easy to join in – my favourite themes are ones that inspire you put a twist on projects you were going to sew anyway! 😉

    1. Hehehe – I didn’t hide it very deep, did I? I’ll do an official announcement post, but I figured hey, anyone who makes it to the blog deserves a head start! 😉

  5. I’m really excited that you’re back up and running! I’ve missed this blog, and I’m excited to contribute every now and then 😁

  6. How exciting! I wasn’t sewing when this was running before, looking forward to participating…. or at least giving it a good whirl!

  7. This sounds like fun. I took a look at the August idea and I have two folks in mind already. Here’s an idea for a future sewalong – “Pajamas at Work” or “Pajamas out in the world” – I read so many sewing bloggers who will talk about their clothing being so comfortable it’s like pajamas but no one knows it.

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