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We’re back with a classic Sewcialist challenge: Tribute Month! 

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so let’s pay tribute to our favourite sewcialists by copying their style!

Chose someone online or IRL whose sewing you adore, and take inspiration from a project, technique, sense of style or attitude. You could copy an outfit directly, or just ask yourself, “What would they sew with this fabric?” At its heart, Tribute Month is a chance to let people know that they inspire you. It’s a way to spread the love and celebrate each other!

Tribute Month is also a great chance to push your comfort zone:

  • Do you always play it safe? Choose someone who inspires you to be bold with colour and proportion, like Oona, Jasika, Mary Alice or Anna.
  • Is your wardrobe lacking interesting basics or workwear? Take a page from Carolyn, Margo or Meg.
  • Wanna be an Indie It Girl for a day? You can do it! Study what works for Sophie, Heather, or Sharadha.

The rules are loose: make anything you want, inspired in any way, by anyone! Submit your makes to our round-up at the end of the month by tagging us on Instagram (@sewcialists) and using the hashtags #sewcialists #tributemonthsewing . You can also email your photo/blog link to !

I’ve got some great bloggers booked to write posts in August of their Tribute Month makes, and hopefully some inspiration posts too. You can also look back at last time we did Tribute Month in our round-up here!

Who inspires you? I’d love to hear about a time you copied someone directly, or bought a pattern or fabric just because someone else made it look fabulous!

24 thoughts on “Get ready, Sewcialists: August is Tribute Month!

  1. I follow several sewists online – some more enthusiastically than others, like you for instance 🙂 There are about 5 whose blogs or vlogs I’m always excited to see. Not always because I would copy their style, in fact that’s rarely the case but rather because I admire their work and enjoy reading and watching them describe their work! They inspire me to reach higher and be a better sewist – taking more care, exercising more patience and to be more self accepting. They knew THEIR style and stick to it and of course produce such nice totally wearable and creative garments. Among others: Johanna of the Last Stitch, Caroline of Handmade by Caroline, Abi the Crafty Pinup, The Stitchy Bee on youtube and Justine Leconte officiel who is a french fashion designer and has absolutely fabulous videos on youtube about everything French 🙂 I also always love to read and see Helen of Helen’s Closet and Heather Lou of Closet files and of course one of my very favourite sewists, teachers and pattern makers Jenny of Cashmerette.

    1. I love Justine Leconte! Her voice is so soothing, and I find her way of thinking through and explaining a topic so fascinating! ❤
      You've got a fabulous list of inspiring makers there – and several are new to me! I'm going to run and check them out right now!

  2. Handmade by Caroline would be my inspiration for sure. She basically has the closet I dream of but cannot seem to make! There are so many inspiring folks out there, I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does 🙂

    1. Her stuff is so cool! I love her distinct style, and I’m so impressed with her shoe making! Would you consider making a Tribute Month project inspired by her?

        1. Hehehe – totally fair! The goal with Sewcialist challenges is that they are always general enough that you can adapt something you were going to make anyway – maybe there is something in your sewing queue that is just begging for the “What would Carolyn do?” treatment?

  3. I’m a real Gretchen Hirsch fan girl and although she doesn’t blog her projects as much these days (all going into books and pattern research I imagine) I’m still seriously inspired by her. And I’m making a top I saw on the Crafty Pinup this month, so I expect that will be my make for the challenge 🙂

    1. That sounds like great inspiration! I’m not remotely into the vintage look myself, but I LOVE her Instagram feed because her passion and knowledge just shines through!

      1. Yeah, she’s a fount of knowledge when it comes to couture sewing, but I’m glad she does some more casual designs too. Even when you’re into vintage, you can’t wear fancy dresses every day! Well, not if you’ve got young children, at any rate…

    1. Exactly!!!! Plus every make I’m thinking of for July and August, I suddenly realise it’s inspired by this person or that… so it’s gonna be a whole lot of Tribute month over on my blog! 😛

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