Tribute Month Starts Today!

Happy Tribute Month! 

For the month of August, we’re asking Sewcialists around the world to get inspired by their favourite online sewists: bloggers, bloggers, Instagrammers, podcasters, and more! It’s a chance to let other Sewcialists know they inspire you, and also to add a bit of their flare to your own wardrobe! (1)

The “rules” are wide open, so interpret the challenge in your own way. You could:

  • Copy a project exactly
  • Try a pattern or technique someone else used
  • Imagine what your favourite Sewcialist would do with a piece of fabric
  • Push yourself out of your style comfort zone or make some awesome basics to fill in wardrobe gaps

Easy, right? Post your finished project on your blog or social media, and be sure to tag us #tributemonthsewing #sewcialists @sewcialists. At the end of August, we’ll include all the finish projects tagged #tributemonthsewing on Instagram in our final round-up! (If you aren’t on IG, you can email us a picture or link to your project instead.)

We’ve got a few more inspiration posts lined up for the first week of August, and then we’ll be posting finished tribute Month projects from a great line-up of Sewcialists. We hope you enjoy and have fun joining in!

Are you taking part in Tribute Month? What do you have planned? 

5 thoughts on “Tribute Month Starts Today!

  1. I like the efforts to organize tribute month and be very happy to discover your blog and the realy inspired informations of all kind of sewing clothes. Best greetings from Ostfriesland in Germany

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