Paying Tribute to Charlie from Noble and Daughter!

Hello! My name is Melizza and you can mostly find me online on Instagram. When Gillian asked me if I’d be interested in participating in tribute month, I knew instantly whose style I wanted to pay tribute to.

I believe I came across Charlie’s blog, Noble and Daughter, right before her Seamwork article was published. Her article really spoke to me and made me an avid follower of her blog and Instagram account. She shared her dealings with postpartum identity, depression, and homesickness; all issues I’d dealt with. Not only did her words speak to me, but her style is one that I admire.


Lately, as a mom of two, my wardrobe tends to gravitate towards uncomfortable jeans and ill-fitting T-shirts. I want to add more stylish, comfortable clothes. Charlie, also mother to two kids, proves this can be done. I love the silhouettes of her garments. She uses a lot of solids but isn’t afraid of fun prints.

fullsizeoutput_bcaaTo change my wardrobe up, I made the Botanic Trousers by Pauline Alice and an Ogden Cami by True Bias.  For the pants, I made the biggest size and left out the belt and belt loops. Time is precious with two kids under 5. These days I want projects that are relatively easy to fit and sew. Both of these garments ticked the boxes. Best part about the trousers is that it has elastic in the back; I didn’t have to grade them up (my waist is an inch wider than the finished measurement).

I used a drapey tencel fabric.  I wore them on a hot day and didn’t feel overheated. Quite the opposite; I felt quite cool. All awesome because I don’t wear shorts. These pants will be great for now and well into Autumn. I can see them pairing well with a short boxy sweater or sweatshirt.

fullsizeoutput_bcacThe Ogden Cami is a great quick sew, too. I wish I knew where I got that particular fabric from. I probably bought it when I was an expat, long ago. It’s a cotton lawn and was very pleasant to sew.

So far I used up a few yards of fabulous prints making three already. I want to make more in solid fabrics so they can easily be mixed and matched with various layering pieces. Camis work great under cardigans and dress shirts, over jeans, and even as a nightshirt. This really is a pattern that keeps giving.


Thanks to Charlie for being such a wonderful sewing inspiration! And thanks to the Sewcialists blog for giving me an opportunity to share my garments.

11 thoughts on “Paying Tribute to Charlie from Noble and Daughter!

  1. Like so many, I also love Charlie’s style–your tribute is fantastic! I’m trying to reassess my closet too, and her use of fairly simple yet elegant shapes paired with gorgeous fabrics is key. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I so know the feeling. I have a two year old, husband (who feels like another kid,lol) and work full time. I too want easy simple clothes. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. I only get about 4 hours a week to sew if you combine my 15 minutes all together😂

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