Tribute to a Wonder Woman

Hello Sewcialists! I’m Andie and I blog at Sew Pretty in Pink and I’m often on Instagram @sewprettyinpink. I’ve been sewing for around 9 years and blogging for 4 years now.

When I first started getting back into sewing in 2013 and started following all the wonderful sewing blogs out there, one of the first people I followed was Tanya from Mrs. Hughes. Tanya has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. She loves colourful dresses and fun prints and her style is very similar to mine. Tanya is also a friend and a fantastic human being.

A while ago, she sent me a lovely present of Wonder Woman fabric and the Decades Everyday E.S.P. Dress pattern. She’s made the pattern several times and even made it using Wonder Woman fabric. That dress is my source of inspiration for my dress using the very fabric she sent me.

Decades Everyday ESP Dress

I absolutely love this dress and wonder why it took me so long to make it.

I made the largest size and did a 2.5 inch FBA adding a total of 5 inches to the bust. I also shortened the bodice, did a hollow chest adjustment, and did a large bicep adjustment on the sleeves. I also changed the zipper to a side zip since that is my preference. I did have some fabric constraints and need to cut the skirt front and back to the width of the fabric. The fit is fantastic! The only tweak I would make for future versions is to take a small wedge out of the upper back since it is a bit wide there.

Decades Everyday ESP Dress

I made a Wonder Woman crown with foam and vinyl and already had a lasso made from my casual cosplay for the perfect accessories to the outfit. This dress will be great to wear to nerdy events and comic cons.

Decades Everyday ESP Dress

I think this is a fitting tribute to Tanya who is definitely a Wonder Woman. ❤

Decades Everyday ESP Dress

Decades Everyday ESP Dress

Decades Everyday ESP Dress

Thank you to Tanya for always being such a source of inspiration for me and a fantastic friend. ❤

16 thoughts on “Tribute to a Wonder Woman

  1. As much as I want a more pulled-together, grownup wardrobe, you make me want to add some everyday cosplay too! I love how your strappy sandals subtly tie into the theme. You definitely deserve your crown!

  2. I feel verklempt. ❤️ This dress looks as awesome on you as I imagined it would. One day we’ll hang out and be twinsies in our WW dresses.

  3. I’ve had this pattern forever and still haven’t made it up yet. Seeing how great yours looks on you, and knowing that we have similar figures, definitely provides inspiration.

    Can I ask if you lowered the neckline on yours at all? The high neckline was one of my concerns, and I know that there’s a tutorial out there somewhere specifically for lowering the neckline on the ESP dress, but I’ve been too lazy to dig around for it.

    1. You would rock this dress. 😊 I lowered the neckline by about an inch and a half but could probably go another inch lower for that. It was easy to lower it. I just folded it out and did the same to the shoulder pieces (with a bit of an angle so the back neckline wasn’t lowered). And then I had to lengthen the facings.

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