Tribute Month round-up

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It has been great fun hosting Tribute Month here on the Sewcialists blog with Inge. I’ve discovered lots of great new-to-me blogs and hope you all have been suitably inspired.

Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow made this fun stripey summer dress in tribute to Alessa of FarbenFreude….

and Alessa made a great maxi dress in tribute to Gillian!


Kirsty of Top Notch took inspiration from Oona of Oonaballoona, Julie of Jolies Bobines and Debbie of Lily Sage and Co to make this scuba jacket.



Alison at Another Little Crafty Creation (that’s me!) made an embroidered maxi-skirt inspired by Carolyn of Handmade By Carolyn.

Cari from Cari Homemaker made a classy work dress inspired by Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.


Gillian again with this tribute to Heather at Handmade by Heather B scoop neckline in this floral dress.


Gina of Feminist Stitch made an Oona inspired maxi-dress for Oonapalooza but didn’t post in time so she decided to call it a tribute instead.


If Gina is entering her belated Oonapalooza dress, then so am I! This was made during the month but not blogged in time for the big round ups.


Another timeless shift-dress and another tribute to Carolyn from Marrie at Purls and Pleats.


Jenny from Rennous Oh Glennus made a lovely Shibori scarf in tribute to  “Morgan [Crab and Bee] and her lovely shibori experiments, Melanie [Poppy Kettle] and her mad hand sewing & couture skills and Sophie [Ada Spragg] and her outdoor, DIY photo taking courage.” 

I’m going to finish with a quote from Jenny, which I think sums up the sewcialist spirit this month:

“So that’s [our] little tribute to not just 3 superstars, but every superstar.  You all continue to inspire [us] whether you know it or not…. and whether I know it or not! You push [us] to consciously as well as unconsciously try new things and develop new skills. Thanks all you SUPERSTARS, you!”

Welcome to Tribute Month!

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Welcome to Tribute Month! This month is all about sharing the spotlight and saying who inspires our sewing. This doesn’t just mean copying something or someone exactly (though you can if you want!) but thinking about other sewcialists that plant a little seed of an idea in your head. For example, I have a make awaiting good photos that were inspired by another blogger but the finished garment I made is SO different from her wardrobe; I don’t think the blogger I was inspired by would be seen dead in my make, but hopefully she would appreciate the process I took from her!

So who will you be paying tribute to? Here are some bloggers that have inspired me recently:

  • Stephanie of Starcross has made this amazing fox-shirt – have you seen the awesome pattern matching? Pattern matching is something I find tricky, but she has done a great job on those tricky pieces. And who says fun animal prints are for kids? Mr Starcross looked like he loved this shirt so maybe it will inspire you to wear crazier prints.
  •  Beth from 110 Creations has made a colour-blocked top that looks really effective.  I’m inspired to make a similar top using up my small scraps…
  • Anne from Pretty Grievances has made a beautiful sun dress in a great summery colour and I especially like the way she has mixed fabrics. I always make dresses from a  single fabric but this looks so nice with the contrast bodice I may have to play around with matching fabrics myself.
  • Another dress that plays with layers is the prom dress that Janene from Ooobop made for Nikita. The mesh overlay looks totally different as it is pleated and gathered. The red dress would probably look “nice” on its own, but the way the black dot mesh falls at the waist makes it “wow!” Maybe you can bring new life to something in your stash with a fun overlay?
  • Katie from Kadiddlehopper has made the most adorable kitty dress for Myra! It has a cute kitty face and paw pockets!! I really want to be inspired by this, but am struggling to work out how an adult can pull off paw-shaped pockets… maybe it might be a feature to add to snuggly pjs! Ooooh, fleece animal pjs for winter!
  • Finally there is Gillian of  Crafting A Rainbow (and awesome sewcialist of course!) who knows what she wears and sews lots of them. Maybe you’ll be inspired by her to sew what you know works for you!

Let us know who has inspired you! I am really looking forward to discovering lots of new-to-me blogs this month. You can tweet or instagram using #tributeaugust and post pictures in the Sewcialists Flickr group!