Lingerie Month Round-Up!

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Wow, what a great month of guest posts and sewing! A big thanks to everyone who took part!  In case you missed anything, here are links to each post:

And now for my favourite part – the amazing lingerie and pjs that you sewed up this month!

Self Drafted Corset

This AH-MAZING corset is a WIP from Mother of Reinvention!

Coral Alice Tap PantsCoral Marlborough

Maddy isn’t shy with colour, and she makes the cutest things!

Wicked Lingerie Set

Blam! I told you Maddy isn’t shy with colour!

Lace and floral undies   So Zo undies with lace waistband

Carolyn made some panties that look as good as RTW – but with a fun floral gusset!

New robe for my mom's 60th-birthday. Pattern from the book

Chrichrimano made a lovely robe for her mom.

Floral Fifi

Meg made adorable floral Fiji pyjamas as a gift. Lucky friend!

Pin Up Girls Classic Bra #1 and #2!

I took a bra-sewing class, and made my first two bras! Still haven’t started on #3 though…


Duckndam chose beautiful summery colours for her bra and panty set. What a shame the bra didn’t quite fit right!


She did manage some comfy looking underwear though!


Caroline made this white satin Victorian underbust corset. So pretty!

lace robe open

Elizabeth made (and blogged a tutorial) for this beautiful lace robe.

Pajama Party!

I am so in love with the pajama party that Noelle and her mom sewed. Four pairs EACH! Go look at the all! The family that sews together, stays together, ammiright?

Sailor Mercury Bra!

Finally, Andie made a gorgeous green and white bra inspired by Sailor Mercury!

Thanks again to everyone who posted, sewed, or just read along. I hope you enjoyed this month’s Lingerie theme! I think we might do our next theme month in October – I’m thinking one challenge a season?

In the comments, I’d love to hear what theme you think we should try next, and what you learned this month about lingerie! 


Bra and Knicker Sewing Inspiration!

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There are so many bloggers making great lingerie these days! If you are looking for inspiration, here are some of my favourites to check out.

  • OhhhLulu sells handmade lingerie and PDF patterns – plus she’s from a small town just an hour and a half from me!
  • Emerald Erin is also from Southern Ontario – she’s been sewing a bra a week since the winter, and every single one is gorgeous!
  • You can also see some of Erin’s sewing on the Bra Maker’s Supply blog, and get tips and tricks from Beverly Johnson – or take one of Beverly’s two Craftsy courses about bramaking!
  • Andie from Sew Pretty in Pink and Leah from Is It Really Sew Strange both took the bra-making course at Bra Maker’s Supply, and now they make fabulous bras. Particularly inspiring if you have a large bust!
  • One Two more Canadian links: Tasia from Sewaholic and Heather from Closet Case Files have blogged some great bras this year!
  • On the other side of the world, Novita (Very Purple Person) has a whole range of posts on finished bras, pattern reviews and tutorials.
  • Madalynne and Handmade by Carolyn make lovely delicate things…
  • Anne, the Clothing Engineer, is amazingly detail-oriented, and gives great reviews of the bra-making kits she buys online.
  • Cloth Habit and Orange Lingerie sell patterns and are fabulous sources of professional knowledge!

In the comments, please share your own inspiration – other bloggers, RTW, or pinterest boards! 


July is Lingerie Month!

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I’m so excited for Lingerie month to begin! We’ve got some great guest posts lined up, including pattern reviews, techniques and tricks, and expert advice.

You can join in by sewing bras, underwear, corsets, robes, slips or pjs! Any pattern goes – just grab the graphic above if you do a blog post and make sure you upload your pics to our Flickr group. (No modeled pics requires – only if you want, you sexy lady!) When you upload pics to the Flickr group, please mention in the picture title or description that they are for the Lingerie theme – that will make my life much easier when it comes to doing the round up at the end of the month.

If you’ve got any questions about lingerie sewing, feel free to ask in the comments! I’m no expert, but I’m sure some talented sewcialist will be able to help you out. What have you always wanted to know about lingerie sewing?


July is Lingerie Sewing Month!

Lingerie Sewing Month Logo
It’s official! This July is going to be Lingerie Sewing Month here on the Sewcialist website. As always, it’s a theme, not a specific sew-along… so if you sew yourself any bras, underwear, slips, corsets, robes or PJs in July you can upload pics into our Flickr group to be included in the round up. (Don’t worry, they don’t have to be modeled pics!) We’ve had a couple great offers to guest post – Thanks ladies! If you are interested in writing a pattern review, tutorial, resource post or anything else, just let me know in the comments.

Things will kick off officially at the start of July, but I wanted to give you a chance to track down materials in advance. Unless you already sew a lot of lingerie, you might not have the right fabrics and trims in your stash!

As for me, I’ve signed up for a two-day custom bra sewing course at Bra Maker’s Supply which happens to be located just an hour away! The owner teaches the two Craftsy bra making courses, so I feel like I’ll be in good hands (literally?) I can’t wait to learn some new skills! (If you are looking for a place to start, Bra Maker’s Supply sells patterns, kits, fabrics and notions online, and is well-known and respected… and the Craftsy classes look interesting too!) I’d like to try sewing a Watson bra or two first, but we’ll see. On the boring-but-useful side, I’ve got plans for a slip and a few pairs of leggings shorts to wear under dresses.

What patterns or projects might you sew for Lingerie Sewing Month?


Hello, want to sew bras? (And other undergarments?)

Hi Sewcialists! I’ve fallen horribly behind on organising things over here on the Sewcialist blog, but nothing is more boring than reading excuses, so I’ll stop there.

How would you feel about an “Underneath It All” sewing theme for July? Bras, knickers, slips, even corsets or pyjamas!  No strict rules or particular sewalong, just a friendly push to try something new and/or refresh your lingerie drawer.

If you’d be interesting in writing a guest post, let me know in the comments! Could be:

  • a pattern review
  • a tutorial
  • a resource round-up
  • where to buy materials online
  • inspiration post
  • or whatever you fancy!

Does that sound fun?


Oonapalooza: One last round-up!

There were a bunch of great contributions right at the end of the month, so I thought we needed one last round-up!

Ebony’s shorts are amazeballs, and this picture is even amazeballsier!



Liza Jane added fringe to a kimono that she’d previously announced as a fail… and now it’s just perfect! She also use not just two but THREE fabrics for a really cute top. I want it!

Oonapalooza Inspired-Summer Wrap Pants Lekala 4024


Sew Pomona made these awesome flowy pants from a Lekala pattern!

As well, Amy from Sew Well made THREE Polly tops in Oona’s honour!

Little Green Orchids almost gave up on this maxi, but she made it work! (And it’s really pretty!)

There are even more makes over on Oona’s pinterest board, so go check them out!

This was a really interesting monthly theme, which turned up some unexpected feelings in both Oona and I! I’m so thrilled by what people have made though – I think everyone really took the challenge as intended, and took joy in amping up their normal makes. It also led us to August’s theme: Tribute month, where we invite you get inspired by ANYONE in the blogosphere! I’m really excited to see how it goes.

I’d also like to say thanks again to the people who have stepped up to be co-authors on the Sewcialist blog! It finally feels like the community effort I always wanted it to be. Thank you!  Inge and Alison have August’s Tribute month rolling, and Charlotte and Eileen have done great round-ups for Oonapalooza. Thank you!


Sewcialists, you are the best!

Wow, guys. I’m blown away at the response to my post this afternoon! Thank you SO much to all the people who stepped up and offered to help. (And of course, more help is always welcome!)

Through a flurry of tweets, comments and emails, we now have the following sewalongs to look forward to!

  • August: Make something based on a blogger that inspires you! (Hosted by Inge from IngeMaakt and Alison from Another Little Crafty Creation!)
  • September: Scraptember! Turn your scraps into something eco-friendly and wearably awesome! (Hosted by Morgan from Crab and Bee!)
  • October: Grease! Inspired by the classic movie. (Hosted by Claire from Sew, Incidentally and Jo from Sew Little Time!)
  • November: Sew costumes or everyday clothes inspired by Disney and Pixar! (Hosted by Becky from Sew and So and Katie from KatieKadiddlehopper!)
  • December: Take a break – nothing on this month. 
  • January: Polka Dots! Everyone needs polkadots, right? (Hosted by Marrie from Purls and Pleats!)

There’s also talk of a costuming/cosplay challenge in the winter or early spring… would anyone like to help Lady K out with that?

On top of that, several people have offered to help with posts and roundups, including Eileen from Crafty Little Secret, Nisha from Blue Sunday Blog, and Charlotte from English Girl at Home. (Gosh, I hope I didn’t miss thanking anyone there! Let me know if I did!)

I really can’t explain how much it means to me that people want to take on the challenge of writing posts and running challenges – except to say that this morning I was thinking of giving up on the blog, and now we’ve got 6 months of awesomeness lined up! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sewcialists, you are the best! If anyone else feels inspired to write a post, start a series of posts about something, or run a theme, just leave a comment below or email me at . There is always room for more awesome!