Sew Inspirational!

I read a lot of sewing blogs. And I mean a lot. If I don’t check my feed reader for a couple of days, it starts to burst at the seams with all those wonderful blog posts, chock full of gorgeous pics, nuggets of wisdom and general sewing chat. Reading the latest sewing blog posts … More Sew Inspirational!

Around the World with 5 Inspirational Bloggers & Instagramers

For many years I have been sewing by myself, alone in my sewing room, without the slightest inkling that there are people like me out there. In fact unaware of a whole world of learning, sewcialising, sharing and encouragement available via the sewing blogosphere. So when I started my sewing blog,, in late 2014, it felt … More Around the World with 5 Inspirational Bloggers & Instagramers

My Inspirations

Hi Sewcialists! I’m Emma of Emma and her Machine and I write a blog here on WordPress about my sewing adventures – I made my first pattern last year and I’ve been learning ever since. I use my blog to record my journey, the improvement of my skills and to make sure I push myself to keep on getting … More My Inspirations

Five Sewcialist Inspirations from Piper Springs

Hullo, Stitchers!  My name is Piper Springs. I live the push-pull life of a working mother, sewist, writer and amateur fashion historian in Southern Arizona, in the US. I’d like to introduce, or reintroduce, you to five inspirational sewists and bloggers.  These women are great sewists, but more than that they are real women whose … More Five Sewcialist Inspirations from Piper Springs