A small sampling of Sewcialists to fire your creativity!

Inspiration doesn’t have an age, race, or religion…or maybe it’s a religion of it’s own. One where anyone can come and worship at the altar of beauty and creativity. There are so many voices, each with their own unique additions to this creative adventure, and obviously I can’t list them all here, but I’ve narrowed … More A small sampling of Sewcialists to fire your creativity!

Get ready, Sewcialists: August is Tribute Month!

We’re back with a classic Sewcialist challenge: Tribute Month!  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so let’s pay tribute to our favourite sewcialists by copying their style! Chose someone online or IRL whose sewing you adore, and take inspiration from a project, technique, sense of style or attitude. You could copy an outfit directly, … More Get ready, Sewcialists: August is Tribute Month!

What is a Sewcialist?

Back in 2013, I tweeted a lot. We all did! The world of sewing blogs was booming, and Instagram hadn’t yet made micro-blogging possible, so everyone was on Twitter. There were scheduled Friday afternoon #sewingchats, and we’d tweet our way through self-created events like the #sewcialbee, where we assigned ourselves a Great British Sewing Bee-style challenge to complete … More What is a Sewcialist?

The Sewcialists are back, baby!

It’s been two years since the Sewcialists blog was active… but we’re back in action!  And by “we”, I mean me, Gillian, and YOU. I blog about my personal sewing at craftingarainbow.wordpress.com, but my goal here is to facilitate a space where anyone can contribute, regardless of experience, age, size, or background. The Sewcialists blog has always been … More The Sewcialists are back, baby!