FAQs for Contributors

Interested in writing for the Sewcialists blog? Here is how it works!


  1. Let us know you’d like to write by leaving a comment on the blog or Instagram (@sewcialists), or emailing us at sewcialists.@gmail.com . We’ll email back and forth and discuss options.
  2. Once we have decided on your post topic, send us your WordPress Username if you have one. If you don’t, you will need to sign up for a WordPress account.
  3. We will invite you as an Author to the Sewcialists account.
  4. As an Author, you can create a post and upload your pics. When your draft is ready, email us at sewcialists@gmail.com or message us at @sewcialists on Instagram.
  5. We’ll review your posts, make minor spelling or grammatical changes as needed, and schedule it to post! Please do not publish or schedule posts yourself. We will let you know when your post is scheduled.
  6. Once your post is live, please reply to comments! (Discussion on a blog can take a while to develop, so commenting on other people’s posts is usually the best way to ensure they will comment on yours!)
  7. Let us know if you’d ever like to write again! The blog is focused specifically on theme month posts, but there are a variety of post-types within that framework: announcement posts, inspiration posts, finished project posts, and round-up posts at the end.


  • If you use a picture from another Sewcialist, always name them and link to their blog/IG/YouTube etc. It’s always best to ask people for permission to use their picture in advance, via email, comments, or social media.
  • Large, bright photos are the best way to catch readers’ eyes. Each image should be at least 750 pixels wide so that they are the width of the full column of text. (Wider photos are fine – they will be automatically displayed at the right size.) 
  • The goal of the blog is to represent diverse voices, so write in whatever tone feels comfortable. Vlogs are great too! We only ask that you keep the message body-positive and inclusive of sewcialists of different genders (i.e. Starting a post with “Hi Sewcialists!” is more inclusive than “Hi Ladies!”).
  • Include something about yourself, and link to where else people can find you online!
  • Feel free to post WIP (works in progress) pics on social media! Use the hashtags #sewcialists and tag us @sewcialists. You are welcome to share you blog post on your own blog once it is live on the Sewciaists.
  • If you can’t complete a post, that’s fine – please let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll be happy to have you back some other time!